All About Funky Bob Haircuts 2013-2014

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Funky Bob haircuts and hairstyles are making a comeback. These are very popular to wear as the weather gets warmer. Many women also opt for this type of haircut if they went extremely short with their last one and are trying to grow it out to a longer length. Whatever the reason you are getting one, get one that stands out and looks great on you.

Face shape makes a difference

The most important factor in selecting the right kind of bob haircut for any women is the shape of her face. In fact, the length of the bob will rely heavily on this factor. Options for styling the bog haircut include bangs or cutting the hair at an angle. Visiting with your stylists will help in making a great decision on the cut for your hair to complement your particular face. Check out my cool collection of funky bob haircuts 2013-2014 which I think will inspire a lot of out there who need a slight change in casual layered, asymmetrical and round bob cuts. The term funky bob haircuts might be new to you but believe me the girls are changing this world to something really interesting now.


choppy bob cut with long bangs

bob cut with layered bang



I know she is looking blunt but she is beautiful, check the dimension of cutting and arc that’s apparent on both sides of the head.

Purple, violet and pink ombre is a perfect hair contrast for ladies with fair to pale complexion.

lilac shade bob cut

Which color is that? Grey, pastel or violet?? None of them. It’s silver grey with a slight hint of black and brown, I am sure you haven’t tried this ombre on your bob cut yet, go ahead.

ombre bob cut

Different cuts

The funky bob hairstyle or haircut ranges from ear level to shoulder length. In fact, any length of straight hair will look great in this type of styling method.

Isn’t she looking like a half-dead body? Surprisingly, she is not, check how smartly a hint of cooper and reddish brown hair color is mixed to give her hair a perfect shade. Try something like that on your thin hair and you will be amazed to see the results.

ombre messy bob haircut

Classic long bob haircut

blunt shags with a bob cut. Bob cut is clearly seen on the back hair while front hairs are kept longer than the shorter ones, you can see it, right?

messy bob cut 2013

bob cuts 2013-2014

funky bob haircuts 2013-2014


Longer bob haircuts look best if you have curly hair. Opting for a shorter cut will make emphasize your face in a bad light. The shorter cut makes your head look triangle-shaped. Additionally, movement makes curls bounce up high on the face. This will make your bob cut look even shorter than it actually is.

Bob cut dyed in a chocolate brown hair color and then rolled up using a wander.

fantastic rolled bob haircuts 2013-2014


Blue pixie bob cut; very short

short blue bob cut 2013In conclusion

Cutting the funky bob haircut with tremendous precision emphasizes a great style.  Busy professionals find it ideal because of the ease of caring for it as well as maintenance while it grows out.





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