Haircuts with Highlights for Men

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Men have so many options available for cutting and styling their hair which have yet to be tapped. One trendy choice men are being draw toward is adding hair highlights for men’s haircuts. This is a way to give a basic haircut design an added pizzazz which makes everyone take a second look.


one tone highlight streaks for men

golden highlights on brown base hair color

golden-orange hightlights for  men

If you are a little lost about where to go with highlights and what will look best, use a couple of options to discover more. You certainly have the choice of asking a salon specialist what they would recommend for you.

Discuss with a professional

Highlights are normally done in a salon by a professional for the best outcome. Having them applied by a salon expert assures you receive the result you want. Ask a salon specialist for a recommendation or opinion about what will work in your favor and make you look your best.

ash blonde highlights

blue color highlights 2013

coco-golden highlights for men

dark brown spiky highlights

Look at pictures for idea

Reviewing photos to find options is a wonderful idea. This lets you see what is available, how it looks and in some cases who is wearing it. If you see a picture which best reflects what you are searching for in the end product, bring it to the salon with you for discussing.

Talk about pros and cons of having it work for you. Review pictures from saloon to find out what latest hair colors are in the fashion men’s hair coloring.  For versatility, blue, blonde and several other colors are mixed together for giving a finished yet subtle highlights yet you need to study yourself as what colors are frequently used now-a-days in parlors by hair stylists.  Countless options are present when it comes to colored hair highlights for men, you should pick shade with utmost care as a wrong pick can do a big mess up with your hair.


glossy auburn highlights for men

glossy golden brown highlights


hair highlights for layers

Subtle versus edgy

Subtle or edgy are choices for color shading.  Subtle accents are a couple of shades lighter than the natural color or your hair. Edgy goes several shades darker. Edginess is giving a complete contrast and base colors used will be 3 to 5 times darker than your hair.

light brown highlights


Men searching for a more natural result to tie in with your regular hair color should never go more than three shades lighter.

Techniques used in creating hair highlights for men are as follows:


Use foiling when you want to put color in an exact spot on your haircut. In other words, you know where in your hair you would like to see the highlight happen.

lovely golden highlights for spikes

Shoe shining is a type of foiling to get lighter tips all over your hair. The lighter color comes out when you rub the foil on the tip ends of the hair.


A softer look happens when highlighting with the Balayage method. This is a painting method to apply coloring for highlights.


neon orange highlights for men

You paint the entire shaft of hair with the tinting. The ends of the hair have the highest concentration of color while roots are lighter.

natural highlights

Professionals that use the Balayage process have more freedom of where to place the highlights when compared with foiling. The process will generally result in a more natural look than other methods.What to avoid

Stay away from having color concentrated in one area of the haircut while none anywhere else. Highlighting should add dimension and a positive element to any man’s haircut. The look of light on top and dark everywhere else was very widespread during the 1990s. However, the subtle more natural look is what is trendy now. Therefore, make certain you apply the same color as evenly as possible all around.

Making your haircut something more with highlights for men’s haircuts is a wonderful idea. Find what you want and make it happen. A salon is the best place to go to have your highlights put in for the best outcome.

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