Hairstyles 2013 for African-American Women

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African-American women have a texture and type of hair different from other nationalities. The texture is extraordinary and is wonderful because it allows them to style and cut their hair in a variety of ways. These are options for styling and cutting your hair as an African-American Woman today.

Natural hairstyles 2013 for African-American women

Natural hairstyles are not a new way of wearing the African-American hair, but it is a retro way of wearing it. Women choosing to wear it naturally have elected to forgo any type of perms, curling irons, coloring or straightening products. Although the style is natural, the afro is not necessarily the choice. In fact, most will wear French braids, twists or other forms of keeping natural hair in a style. If you select to wear the afro, cut the hair and shape it professionally to keep the look and feel neat.

2013 cornrows for women

beautiful curly afro-american styles 2013

caramel curls afro-american 2013

Products specifically designed to use on natural hair for African-American women are wonderful for these styles. Natural hair products are available in salons or beauty supply stores.

French braids or corn rows for African-American women

French braids or corn rows are wonderful during the summer months. Although summer is a nice time to wear this airy and light hairstyle, you can wear these any time of year. Corn rows are a wonderful option because they are possible in any size, design or shape. Even shorter hair is extended with hair extensions to add length and gain any type of french braid style. Extensions are also wonderful if you want to try a little temporary color with the style.

corncrow afro-american hairstyles 2013

cornrows 2013 black women


Straight hairstyles 2013 for African-American women

Celebs like Alicia Keyes are wearing the straight hair look. This is a style achieved either through using a flat-iron to straighten or using a permanent straightening product. Professional stylists are best for applying the permanent straightener. These will usually last a couple of months and you can maintain the style by using the product on new hair growth.

layered bob cut black women 2013

punk hairstyles black women 2013



Curly hairstyles 2013 for African-American women

Curly hair is still popular for both long and short hairdos. Longer hairdos for curly hair will be a cross between waves and curls that bounce and shape the face. Depending on your face shape will determine how you wear it. You are able to get temporary curlsĀ  through styling products or a permanent curly style with a professional stylist is also possible.

2013-afro-american straight hairstyles

Janet Jackson is one celeb who likes to sport this style more than others.

In conclusion

African-American women have a distinctive hair texture and type which is wonderful for a variety of hairstyles and cuts. It is remarkable and extraordinarily special. No matter what you choose or select, make it your own and remember the possibilities are endless.




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