Men’s best funky hairstyles 2013

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Most men take an interest in how they look. Numerous are as interested in their appearance as women. This not only includes how they dress, but also how they style their hair. There are as many choices for styling a man’s locks as a woman’s. There are unlimited ideas and choices. A funky hairstyle for a man is one of them.
One extremely trendy and popular idea for the testosterone side of the equation has been a funky hairstyle. This preference for men has emerged as an answer to the change the fairer sex made to their haircuts. They are altering the choices they have made in past cuts, designs and colors as well.
Make your hair more than simply a disseminated cluster or clump sitting on top of your head. It should say something about personality and inner self. This should express     who you are. Extend what you are through the kind of funky hairstyle you personally choose. Compliment the looks you already have with this finishing touch of attractiveness.
Razored shag cut: men’s best  funky hairstyles 2013
The razored shag cut is ideal for the young and adventurous. Different colors and shaping of the same shag cut is easily done. Manipulating it into something more than one hairdo is one of the attractions of this particular funky design.
Kim Jae Joong is one of the few who wears this particular one exceptionally well. It suits him in the various temperaments and moods he simply exudes depending on what he is engaged in.
There is the short bang in the front which is worn up or down along with the tapered down appearance which is minus the bang type of crop adaptation. You are able to pull this particular style off alone or with added hair extensions giving you different lengths for different dispositions. Whichever one compliments your face shape is best.
Polished and preppy appearances for the cut are seen with rigid edges. Adding a more professional atmosphere is found with rigid edges at shoulder length.


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funky hairstyles for men
Short curly hair cut
There was a time when any man with curls was limited to how he wore his hair. Now there is an option of wearing it in a number of ways. Some prefer growing longer locks while others keep it short and simple. Adding color or even a straightener is a choice for young and old men alike. However, a short and curly cut has a certain vibe to it that women like. They imagine running their fingers through it. No one is able to resist.


brown curly hairstyle men 2013-2014

mens curly hairstyles 2013


mens funky haircuts 2013

surfer haircuts and hairstyles 2013
This particular choice stands out as ideal for the sports enthusiast. . Keep it easy wearing it naturally curly and cut short. It keeps it away from your face while you pitch the ball, catch a ball or even kick a ball. This is brilliant. In fact, the repeated washings while playing sports will leave you with the ability to simply wash and go.
A number of men wearing the short and curly hair cut add a bit of gel to hold it in place as well as putting shine and polish on the finished product.
Razored cut with shattered arch: men’s best funky hairstyles 2013
The razored cut puts an edge to the personality of any man wearing it. It permits a sort of adventure feeling to a sophisticated appearance. When you put a layered look or gel into the equation you give it something more. For anyone with an oval cut face this will work splendidly well for you.

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side bangs and razor cut hairstyles 2013
Surfer hair cuts;Versions of super hot men’s funky hairstyles 2013
At one time surfer styles were not seen widely outside of the West Coast states. Now they are spreading across the nation. Anyone with a good sense of history will remember these as early as the 1960s.
Shaggy, disheveled and windswept is the name of the game sporting these ruffled cut locks. Generally the blond and sun kissed colors are identified with this man’s style, but any color will work out well for surfer haircuts.

news surfer hairstyles 2013



messy surfer hairstyles for men

Described as a lovely mess of disordered long layers swept to the side, the surfer look is actually a coordinated design formed in a salon. Stylists work with gels and waxes to get this ruffled tangled mass of hair. Typically this cut and look is more popular during the summer months and you do not have to live in a warm sunny place to exhibit the surfer haircut.

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mens funky hairstyles 2013

In conclusion
Funky hairstyles for men include a number of various shapes and cuts in addition to what is listed here. Personality generally plays a strong role in carrying out many of these. This includes discovering one which makes you look and feel your best.
Whether you simply redesign one you have seen to make it your own or adding a little color or gel to shape it into something different, when you wear funky men hairstyles anything goes.


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