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While there are many cute cuts for women of 2014, there are some fashion savvy girls who don’t feel satisfied at all with the idea of a wearing a ‘typical cut’. All the haircuts such as pixie cut, bob cut, and layered cut are most times considered typical by these women because they want to adopt a look which speaks for both modernity and excellence at the same time.
It was a misconception that undercut was not-so-typical haircut, meant for men working in military, arm or navy forces only, because there were more women sporting the undercut hairstyle than men ever since it was discovered. If you tell your barber that you want your all hair from the sides completely chopped or shaved, he might shrug his shoulders at first but if you explain him as what the reason be for your wanting to get the cut, he may be less surprised. The same is true when it comes to going face to face with real friends out there who think that fashion should be done within boundaries and that you must keep a distance from punk and pop culture if you don’t want be pointed out in a crowd.

Fashion knows no boundary, so don’t let other decide as what you should do and you shouldn’t because you are a master of yourself and you have got control of yourself. So to speak, you can wear any cut even the one considered awkward among ordinary women communities called undercut hairstyle.


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There is nothing wrong in wearing undercut hairstyles 2014  as there are some very confident women already wearing the cuts in different variations. In some undercut hairstyles 2014 for women, for instance, the front hair is cut longer from head to back, this pattern turns out to be a Mohawk later. In some cuts, the side hair is not shaved, it is rather chopped for an elegant finish and appeal to the haircut. Whilst in some deep undercut hairstyles, all the hair from the sides and just below the back head is completed cut shorter just like of men of military- you shouldn’t go for such an extreme haircut unless you make sure you’ll feel comfortable later.

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