Getting Smart Through This Learning Materials For Your Child

From crawling to walking to a 1 year olds baby from tummy time to real fun. These are the wooden toys that are age-appropriate toys. Imagining bright colors is important. The bright color is good for them at their age. Colorful is easy to differentiate and stored on their mind. The music and movements are good on their hand-eye coordination.

Toys for 1 year olds can learn agility to make their muscles move all around their body. Crawling, rolling, and even walking is also the best way to give them an educational wooden toy. You can introduce to your child the best educational toy such as baby-friendly musical instruments and other toys.

These are the best specific toys for a 13months+ old.

  • Wooden push cart or push walker

At the age of 13 months+, they start to walk for the months after. The push cart or push walker can help them to stand, push, and begin to walk. It also gains confidence in walking.

  • Doll or stuffy

Your child can act like a mommy or daddy in playing with this stuffy doll. It is a benefit for a 13 months+ old to have a baby doll to tenderly care for and this is washable and 100% cotton.Toys for 1 year


  • Pull toys

These wooden pulls are promoting the gross motor skills of your child. It develops their fine motor skills as they hold the toy’s string.

  • The musical toys.

It is one of my favorite wooden musical toys. These wooden musical toys can develop the sense of hearing with the kids. Examples are the wooden xylophone, dj spin mix piano, drum, and more. Wooden musical toys are better than electric toys.

  • Rocker

The wooden rocker is for gross motor skills, this is an indoor rocking animal to make them active play inside the house. You can also put this in your playroom.

  • Busy Cube

This wooden busy cube is good for critical thinking activity and logic.


How much does wooden educational toys cost?

For 13 months+ olds, this is not expensive for them because it can help them to improve their development and learning skills. Investing in this kind of wooden toy is better value because of the high quality and handmade. The exploration of your child can discover the bright spark in their eyes to learn something new. This is suitable for 13 months+ old because it can prevent choking hazards. Good quality for children’s toys and it is listed online.

Post Author: Harry Green