Materials: Advice on baby clothing suitable for the seasons

It is common to have doubts about how to dress a newborn if you are a first-time parent. Understanding and meeting the needs of the child is not an easy task because in addition to his needs, other factors must be taken into consideration baby sleepsuits.

This is why we always tend to cover them too much, more than necessary. Newborn clothing must be chosen wisely, paying close attention to the type of material  as it has a specific one on which to orientate. The most common are:


Warm cotton / interlock and plush



Lightweight cotton and interlock cotton

There are different types of cotton that vary according to the processing, some suitable in summer and others for mid-seasons. The cotton to wear in the warm seasons is the jersey one often used from April to August. It is a must in summer because it is very light and is usually used in rompers, purely summer baby clothing.

In mid-seasons, a heavier fabric is used, based on the temperatures of the season. Warm cotton or interlock is usually recommended for these transitional months , to be used from February to June, as well as in September and October. This fabric is cross-knit, it may seem similar to jersey but is heavier to the touch, characterized by a more compact weave.

The fleece cotton , is a more heavy material interlock and is recommended for the winter months, especially in the intimate body, because you get dressed in a light warm and soft padding.

Be careful not to confuse warm cotton and fleece cotton, they are to be worn in different seasons.


Chenille is the most popular material for newborn clothing. Chenille is a classic of winter baby clothes and is very special because it is both yarn and fabric. The yarn is formed by a series of threads woven together and a protrusion to the touch similar to velvet. In fact, once the yarn has been worked, a fabric is obtained that gives just that feeling of enveloping softness. It is also a recommended material for the safety of the child, being the cotton yarns it is rare that it will cause allergies. This material is suitable for all winter, it is very warm and soft.

The wool

Wool and heavy fabrics are to be used during the coldest months of winter and outdoors. Contrary to popular belief, it is in most cases not recommended to buy a woolen garment, because in the first months it could cause allergies or tingling to the baby’s skin, and to be worn only outdoors. In this case, do not keep the onesie in direct contact with the skin but use a body that can isolate the material.

Post Author: Harry Green