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Shankara Naturals' Muscle and Joint Oil Magically Soothed My Aches and Pains

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Shankara Muscle and Joint Discomfort Oil
Courtesy of Brand / Maria Asare-Boadi
Naturals Muscle & Joint Body Oil
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A body oil that moisturizes skin while soothing aches and pains.

During the winter months, Niseko, Japan sees no shortage of fluffy, powdery snow — and that's precisely why I decided to spend a week there to snowboard with a few friends in December. My goal was to leave without a sprain, scrape, or broken limb, and I actually made it to day five without a scratch. On that day, my boyfriend, who was trying to capture one of my runs on his GoPro, got a little too close and ended up sliding his board into my arm after I had sat down for a safe stop. I don't know what the damage would have looked like had I not had my wrist guards on, but my arm had some immediate swelling and a superficial cut. I iced it, sat out from the last day of snowboarding, and headed back to New York.

The swelling had gone down after on-and-off icing after a few days, but I'd like to think Shankara Naturals also had something to do with the quick-healing turnaround. Here's what I mean: The first thing I did when I got back to work, just 16 hours after I landed, mind you: I took a meeting with the skin-care brand, which combines elements of Ayurvedic medicine with skin care. Following the meeting, the brand left me with its Muscle and Joint Discomfort Oil, which, if you had told me was magic in a bottle, I would have believed you.

Two squirts from the bottle's pump will dispense a rich, moss green elixir with an extremely calming, earthy scent (it's a combination of the lavender, camphor, cedarwood, frankincense, and turmeric notes in the formula that gives your nose that Ahh! sensation). As it sinks in, skin feels soothed, but also like nothing at all, as the oil slightly numbs the skin. It has a similar effect to what you would feel when you rub Vicks VapoRub on your chest when you're sick — clearing your nasal passages, calming, and relaxing the skin and muscles as you rub it on.

"The camphor in this oil increases local blood flow to reduce swelling," says cosmetic chemist Ginger King. Along with other anti-inflammatory ingredients, there's licorice, vitamin E, turmeric, and yarrow — all of which makes one "magic" elixir. In just four days, the swelling had disappeared, though my arm remained a little tender to the touch.

A bottle of this magic elixir goes for $60 on, and it's worth every penny. Had it been more serious, I would have of course gone to the doctor. But for simple bumps and aches, I now pack this oil in my snowboarding bag and even my everyday bag, too.