How to Prepare Your Career and Love Life for 2020's Great Conjunction

Some astrologers are calling it one of the biggest astrological events of our lifetime.
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This year has already had its share of big astrological moments, from the powerful Saturn Pluto conjunction to the Cancer lunar eclipse — but the stars are just getting warmed up. On December 21, a rare alignment between Jupiter and Saturn, also known as a Great Conjunction, is set to shake things up politically, socially, and in your personal life as well.

If that sounds intense, that’s because it is. Fortunately, it’s the kind of intensity you can use to make big, positive changes in your life. How can you make the most of this energy? Ahead, we’ve got everything you need to know, including tips on how to make this your secret weapon in 2020 and a guide to what it means for your sign.

What is a Great Conjunction and how does it work?

In astrology, a conjunction is formed when two or more planets line up exactly. When they line up, their vibrations blend and work together. A Great Conjunction happens when Jupiter and Saturn align. Both planets are associated with authority, but each very differently.

Jupiter is a generous leader who’s associated with health, wealth, and having a good time, while Saturn favors strict responsibility and setting limits. When they have to collaborate, you can expect power struggles over the best way to “rule.” On the macro level, it’s likely to bring about a cultural moment when things change irrevocably, whether we’re ready or not. Politics shift toward the progressive and away from calcified ideas that have outlived their usefulness. It’s a changing of the guard, so to speak.

It’s no surprise then that Great Conjunctions tend to correspond roughly to American election years, which always signal change on both a national and a global scale. Looking internationally, with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from their royal status, we can only imagine what new changes the Great Conjunction might have in store for them.

What makes this Great Conjunction different?

This conjunction is special because it’s in Aquarius, the sign of social change, humanitarian efforts, and justice for all. It’s also associated with LGBTQIA+ people, thanks to the open-hearted and open-minded nature of this sign, which is a good thing for queer rights the world over. Astrologers are hopeful that this will be the start of a new era where people of all sexualities and gender identities will be able to express themselves and love who they love without judgment, criticism, or political intervention blocking their path to equality and equity.

The Great Conjunction is also happening at 0 degrees, which signifies a completely new beginning. This means that as a society, we get to start from scratch and rethink our approach to freedom, equality, and what it means to care for the common good.


Even better, it’s happening on the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Witches believe that the solstices are turning points in the natural cycle of the year and are great times for doing magic. With the Great Conjunction and winter solstice in sync, the effects of both are amplified, which makes it perfect for doing a ritual, reading tarot cards, or simply writing down what most want to manifest in the coming year.

How can I use the Great Conjunction to my advantage?

A Great Conjunction represents a time for you to release old habits in order to make way for new ways of doing things. If you aren’t open to change, it can feel uncomfortable. But if you are, you can make incredible progress toward dreams you’ve held onto for a long time. The expansive nature of Jupiter and the structure of Saturn team up to help you accomplish something that may have felt like a reach before but is now totally within your grasp.

For best results, choose a big, juicy goal that’s been calling to you for a while and spend as much time as you can in 2020 working toward it. Since Jupiter and Saturn both have to do with professional achievements, this is great energy to channel toward career success. By the time you get to the Great Conjunction on December 21, you’ll have positioned yourself to make the most of any opportunities Jupiter and Saturn might send your way.

As with everything in the stars, you have to do the work to get the most out of it, but if you buckle down and meet the cosmos halfway, the results are truly magical. If you like, you could also light a purple candle on the day of the conjunction. Purple is Jupiter’s color and will help you maximize the good-natured parts of this alignment.

The Great Conjunction will affect Aquarius people most intensely, but the other air signs will get an added boost from it as well. And there are ways that everyone can use this energy to their advantage. Here’s a short how-to guide for your zodiac sign:

If you’re an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn)…

Prepare for your career to take a huge leap forward. Whether it’s from a raise, a new position, or lots of good press, the Great Conjunction is likely to raise your profile to even greater heights. Professionally, your growth helps you land a more prestigious gig that will affect your career for years to come. You’ll have to get out of your comfort zone to really appreciate the benefits, but if you do you’ll have a rock-solid foundation on which to build your reputation.

If you’re an air sign (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius)…

You finally get to have some fun, for once. Thanks to the Great Conjunction, you realize that prioritizing your pleasure can have serious benefits. A new look, creative project, or trip can lead to huge insights. If you’re been playing it safe, this energy helps you dream bigger than you have in ages. It might be scary to let yourself want something more, but if you do you might be surprised just how much of it you get — and how quickly. Instead of wringing your hands, treat the process like an adventure and you could find some treasure just around the corner.

If you’re a fire sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius)…

Your relationships are about to shift for the better. If you’ve been feeling lonely, the Great Conjunction helps you find your kindred spirits in the form of a new social circle, mentor, or VIP connection. Some people come into your life to teach you and this is one of those times. Be open to learning from the people you admire and don’t be shy about asking them for help. Or you could help someone transform their life by lending a hand when they need it. Either way, communication is everything, so don’t be afraid to share your story.

If you’re a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces)…

Get ready to experience healing from the inside out. Under the Great Conjunction, you'll renegotiate what you share with others versus what you keep to yourself. After this process, your heart feels more whole than it has in a long time. You could move to a new place that feels like a sanctuary, find a lover who you can be vulnerable with, or even start a spiritual practice. It’s all about embracing life’s secret successes as much as your public ones. Ultimately, this conjunction teaches you that it’s safe to feel good, open up, and trust.

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