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Bath Bonding

Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Luna Insists on Running Her Bath and Washing Her Hair

Teigen's oldest is taking good care of her while she's on bed rest during her third trimester.


The Bidet Never Caught On In the US. Then the Pandemic Came.

For decades, the appliance has remained enormously popular outside of the US. The COVID-19 pandemic might have finally brought it stateside.


The Tushy Bidet Made Me a Bum-Wash Believer

Here's what happened when I attempted to give my booty a bougie upgrade.


Why People Who Use Bidets Think Everyone Should Use Bidets

Experts and real-life bidet users weigh in.


I Can’t Stop Thinking About Demi Moore's Fully Carpeted Bathroom

New photos set social media ablaze with burning questions about the unusual decor.

Beauty Spaces

Famed Beauty Founder Anastasia Soare Gave Us a Tour of Her Gorgeous Bathroom

The brow queen behind Anastasia Beverly Hills both works and relaxes in the beautiful space.

Shopping Spree

Target Launched a New Line of Discount Personal-Care Products

Nearly every product is priced at just $2.


This Simple Shower Hack Is Trending on Pinterest Right Now

It's as pretty as it is aromatherapeutic.

Unclean Machine

Bathroom Hand Dryers May Be Spraying Around Fecal Bacteria

If you thought they were the hygienic choice, we have bad news.

Traveling to Europe? How to Use the Bidet

Remember the first time you saw a bidet and thought, Why are there two toilets in here? If you grew up in Grenoble, this would have been when you were four. For the rest of...