Everything you should know about the shredder

73% of enterprises with less than 500 workers still print papers at least four times a day, even though society has made remarkable technological improvements. There is probably some private information stored in the stacks of papers, such as customer account data or internal workplace secrets. These papers shouldn’t go in the trash, but where should they be stored instead? Let us dive into the shredder.

Though it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to solve a problem, paper shredding offers several advantages that are too important to pass up.

Assure the Safety of Your Clients (And Your Business)

It’s common knowledge that many businesses have unwittingly put their clients in danger of identity theft due to sloppy data management. A single piece of paper may cause months of stress and hundreds of damages. You may be certainly sure that your private and sensitive papers will remain safe and secure forever by having them shredded. Customers will be safe, and your company can weather any storms of negative press.


Lessen potential dangers to people’s health

You may not give much thought to a few pieces of paper, but imagine rows upon rows of filing cabinets full to overflowing with paper instead. If you’re unable to dispose of the paperwork securely, keeping copies of it around the office might be a waste of space and a potential security risk. If there’s an emergency, workers may have to attempt to find their way through a tangle of filing cabinets, piles of documents, or trash cans that weren’t meant to be permanent fixtures. The use of a paper shredder may swiftly and safely eliminate these problems.

Make Sure You’re Following All Privacy Laws

For example, the legal and medical fields must follow specific disposal requirements by federal law. Hiring a competent paper shredding service ensures that your business and its employees will follow HIPAA regulations regarding the disposal of sensitive documents (after all, paper records will require different processing and disposal than, say, x-rays or electronic media).

Maximize Worker Efficiency

When staff has to take time out of their day to shred papers by hand, it may cause a domino effect of difficulties. When time spent going to and from the office shredder is eaten away, it isn’t easy to stay focused. Hours might be lost per week due to inefficiency. By outsourcing, your business can recoup that time and get back on track with its other commitments.

costs less

Standard workplace shredders may be challenging to find and costly to maintain. Once you add up the value of your employees’ time, you realize that this method is very wasteful and might cost you as much as $6,600 annually. In addition to saving you time and money, a professional shredding service will allow you to get back to work when the job is done.

Post Author: Harry Green