Five Features Of Rolex Watched Which Is Not Found Anywhere

Rolex has its universe and is well-known, recognized, admired, and cherished all around the world. When I take a step back and consider everything Rolex is and accomplishes, I occasionally find it difficult to accept that, at their core, they merely manufacture watches. Due to the manufacturer’s relative secrecy and its operations, there is a palpable aura of mystique surrounding it. The brand elevates the idea of Swiss discretion to a new level, which is beneficial to them in many ways. Let’s understand some fascinating information that any Rolex and watch enthusiast should be aware of.


1 – Rolex Uses A Difficult and Expensive Steel To Machine

Nobody else uses the type of steel that Rolex does. There are several types and grades of stainless steel available. The steel used to make steel timepieces is typically 316L stainless steel. But 904L stainless steel is used to make rolex green timepieces. Steel made of 904L is tougher and more resistant to rust and corrosion. Additionally, 904L steel polishes incredibly well when handled properly.


  1. Individual tests are conducted on each dive watch

Each Rolex Oyster case watch is rigorously tested for water resistance. A Rolex watch is placed into an air-filled container to be tested for water resistance; if air seeps into the case, the pressure changes. The Rolex watch is tested in actual water after the air pressure test. Since

it is a rather complicated test, other manufacturers don’t frequently conduct it.

rolex green

3 – Rolex Works with a Lot of Geologists

Rolex has extremely strict requirements for the materials they get from suppliers. These materials include metals, and gemstones, such as rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. Rolex has a sizable geological department whose primary responsibility is to purchase, examine, arrange, and set diamonds and other precious stones in various Rolex models. Every stone on a Rolex is hand-selected and set.


4 – One Rolex watch is made over the course of a year.

Rolex doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to creating its watches. They are concerned about the product’s effectiveness and quality. The entire business is, in reality, devoted to making the best timepieces and is constantly considering how to enhance its reputation. It takes Rolex around a year to develop their goods as a result of their commitment.


5- Rolex Maintain Value

Watches lose far less value over time than premium vehicles do. These watches have sustained product value, which is important whether you plan to sell your Rolex in the future or bought it as an investment.

Final Thoughts

Last but not least, watch collectors frequently concur that Rolex and the watch business are two separate industries that just so happen to produce similar goods. It is challenging to be a watch enthusiast and not value Rolex and the products they create.

Post Author: Harry Green